Sump Indicators in Focus – Investigating Modal Distribution in Urban Mobility Research

  • Edin Gadžo PC Motorways FBiH, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Arnela Mujić Rock n Log doo, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Osman Lindov Faculty of Traffic and communications, University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Keywords: Sustainable, Urban Mobility, Modal distribution


These plans aim to strike a balance between the prevalent use of private cars and alternative modes of transport. A pivotal aspect of SUMP formulation lies in the identification of indicators, serving as tools for cities to assess their mobility systems and strategically address strengths and weaknesses. The European Commission provides a set of reliable indicators for standardized assessments, ensuring uniform data collection. Despite the importance of SUMPs, cities often lack consistent political and institutional support for their integration into urban development plans. Additionally, disparities exist in the application of methodologies for data collection in defining SUMP indicators. This paper thoroughly analyzes the indicator identification process within the SUMP creation framework. It highlights the need for continuous political backing and institutional support for SUMP projects within urban development plans. Furthermore, the paper addresses the variations in applying methodologies for data collection, emphasizing the importance of standardization. The focus is on the European Commission's indicators, providing practical insights into their application for a more uniform assessment of mobility systems. The research contributes by presenting a refined method for data collection, encompassing both basic and additional SUMP indicators. The study also introduces an in-depth analysis of modal distribution, offering a valuable resource for cities interested in formulating new SUMPs. By enhancing our understanding of these critical aspects, this paper contributes to the ongoing discourse on sustainable urban mobility and supports the development of more effective and harmonized transportation planning strategies.


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Gadžo, E., Mujić, A., & Lindov, O. (2024). Sump Indicators in Focus – Investigating Modal Distribution in Urban Mobility Research. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 70(1), 19-22.