Optimized road noise asphalt pavement technologies

  • Kerim Hrapović Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Keywords: Mastic asphalt, Noise-reducing, Porous asphalt, SMA asphalt


From a medical point of view, noise has long been recognized as a stress factor for humans. A high level of noise makes it difficult to concentrate, creates not only stress but also health problems for the ears, and also has a damaging effect on the cardiovascular and endocrine systems - noise makes you sick! Road traffic accounts for a significant share of total noise, especially in conurbations. In order to effectively reduce noise emissions, surface courses can be installed as road surfaces that generate particularly little noise in interaction with the vehicle tyre. The road surface must therefore contribute to reducing traffic noise at the source.


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Hrapović, K. (2024). Optimized road noise asphalt pavement technologies. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 70(1), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.31075/PIS.70.01.01