Reconstruction of dysfunctional urban corridors: case study Cairo

  • Slobodan Neskovic University Business Academy, Faculty of economics and engineering management, Novi Sad,
  • Igor Jokanovic University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subotica
  • Gradimir Stefanovic GSTC Ltd.
Keywords: corridor, reconstruction, quality of life, public transport, measures


Urban corridors consist of high capacity streets serving fast passenger traffic and public transport, however frequently with severe deficiencies in operation and structural characteristics resulting in high impact to population and economy. The most significant impacts are reflected in the domain of pollution, traffic safety and large time losses. The paper outlines the methodological approach for the analysis of current conditions and measures proposed to improve level of service for public and individual transport within the corridor, as well as the measures for improving quality of life along the corridor.


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Neskovic, S., Jokanovic, I., & Stefanovic, G. (2018). Reconstruction of dysfunctional urban corridors: case study Cairo. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 64(4), 11-19.